The Misuse Of Alcoholism And Alcoholism

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Alcohol is one of the most abused substance in the world. Social environment plays a big role in alcohol use. Initially the first drink is typically a social drink. When a person is out with friends and having a good time. When questioning an individual about their drinking status in the medical field answers are given as social, occasional and daily drinkers. The amount of alcohol consumed by a person determines their level of alcohol consumption status. Not all people that drink alcohol are considered alcoholics. Consumers must be a responsible drinker and know their limits. The misuse of alcohol can destroy lives. To learn more about alcohol and alcoholism I conducted a research study assignment called community experience. This paper will…show more content…
Alcoholism is considered a disordered or disease. According to Videbeck (2017), “alcohol is a central nervous symptom depressant that is absorbed rapidly in the bloodstream” (pg. 370). The first drink can give the body a calm relaxing sensation, but intoxication causes a more severe reaction. Signs of intoxication include mood and/or behavioral changes, slurred speech, gait imbalance, nausea and vomiting. If too much alcohol is consumed the person can experience a blackout. To understanding the thought process of an alcoholic, a person must identify the cause of the excessive consumption of alcohol. People consume alcohol for multiple reasons, most people use alcohol as a coping mechanism. Some reason given for excessive drinking are guilt or to cope with stress or depression. Once a person acknowledges they have a problem with drinking they must seek treatment. There are multiple treatments for alcoholism once treatment is initiated it is up to the person to remain sober. A program to assist and encourage individuals to remain sober is the Alcoholic Anonymous…show more content…
She discussed how she was wrongly approached by a colleague and they got into an altercation. After the altercation she realized that the conversation could have been handle differently. She admitted when she got home she wanted a drink so badly. She states thanks to the meeting that afternoon she remained sober. During the meeting after reading number 11 of the twelve steps she agrees to apologize to her colleague because somethings she said was wrong. Number 11 of the twelve steps reads “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out” (SCAA). Another woman states she was cleaning and getting rid of some old things at home and ran across her divorce papers. She states the book fall open to her ex-husband statements of her alcohol abuse and her behavior. She admitted how upset it made her and in that same box there was a bible and other books that help her though her addiction. She gave god praise because she felt it was god showing her how far she had
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