The Mission Of Father And Son Lawn Services

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Balanced Scorecard The mission of Father and Son Lawn Services is to provide quality lawn service to its customers at a reasonable cost and harvesting a personal relationship by considering economical factors which of each of our customers. Father and Son Lawn Service promises their customers to charge each of their customers the lowest possible price for lawn care without compromising the quality of work. This will be done by matching other similar company’s prices for lawn care. A thorough and complete SWOTT analysis has been completed and reviewed by the owner and also an independent contractor to ensure the accuracy of the report. After our SWOTT analysis was completed and approved by the owner is determined that some instrument or document should be used to evaluate the effectiveness and accuracy of our SWOTT analysis. The tool chosen to evaluate our SWOTT analysis is commonly known as the Balanced Scorecard. The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management tool that is used extensively in businesses to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization performance, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals. We at Father and Son Lawn Service understand that perhaps our most important task is financial planning. This includes many area such as overhead cost, how much money is on hand and if we have to borrow, how much. We must also consider our person financial situation since we are a family owned business. While Father and Son had the money up front to start their business we had to determine if necessary how much money would a bank be willing to loan the business if something out of the ordinary or some unforeseen circumstan... ... middle of paper ... ...learned was that employees perform at a higher level when they are a part of the decision making process. The balanced scorecard has proved to be our most effective tool we have determine our strengths and weaknesses, it also allows me to predict what shortfalls exist in my company and in what ways I may improve them. The balance scorecard assist my company in evaluating my company overall effectiveness and area in which we may increase our market share. Currently we have not been able to leverage any scientific technologies to determine our market share. Our market share is done by survey in our area to determine which customers in our area use what professional lawn service. Father and Son looks forward to another successful year and currently is considering expanding our company and additional services. Reference

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