The Misrepresentation Of Women In The Media

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Recently, Jennifer Siebel Newson had found out that she was pregnant and was having a baby girl, but despite the happiness of the joyful news, she was worried on how her daughter could grow up to be emotionally healthy in the culture, which consisted of the misrepresentation of women in the media, that we have in the world today. She also worried about how she would make sure that her daughter didn’t fall into the trap that she had fallen into as a girl. When Newson was 7 years old, her older sister died causing her to blame herself for her sister’s death. This resulted in Newson trying to fill in as 2 daughters for her parents, leading her to vulnerably accept peer pressure. She then went through an eating disorder as a teenager because of the impacts of what she saw around her, and how everyone believed that being smart and successful just wasn’t enough.
It has been discovered that 65% of woman have an eating disorder and depression rates among girls have doubled from 2000 to 2010. The media pinpoints teenagers because of their vulnerability to act upon what they see and to initial...
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