The Mirroring Lives of a Jamaican and a Rastafarian

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The Mirroring Lives of a Jamaican and a Rastafarian


This paper is a series of two interviews that I had over the course of the semester. I used both of the interviews as a series of research. I then used this research and supported it with published work. The first interview occurred when I was in Jamaica. I randomly crossed paths with Peter. He informed my friends and I that he was a Rastafarian. We spoke with him for about two hours on the beach. He informed us about his religion and his lifestyle. Unaware at the time that I would use this knowledge in my paper I am pleasantly surprised that I was able to transgress this information.

The second interview was with Marie Debal. She is one of my sister’s clients. Upon informing my sister about this class and the paper that was due she suggested that I speak with Marie to get information. Marie was the perfect contrast to Peter. She grew up on the island and was raised as a Jamaican woman. Her family traveled a lot with in the island so Marie was very informative about her home land. She came to the United States for college and then stayed to work in New York City working for the Jamaican tourist board.

From the interesting aspects that Peter had spoken about I decided to get Marie’s opinion on some of the same topics. I thought these two people would create an interesting contrast to my paper. Today they both live two very different lives but they share very similar backgrounds.

Interviewee A background:

Name: Peter

Age: 30

Home: Jamaica Blue Mountains

Occupation: Rastafarian

Marital status: none and lives alone

Education: self educated by other Rastafarians with in his village

Interviewee B background:

Name: Marie Debal


... middle of paper ...

...that each of them transgressed into my understanding makes me feel privilege to have even spoken with them.


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