The Miracle Worker

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Everyone is born with the ability and desire to communicate and learn. Everyone longs to explore the world around him, to understand and differentiate between objects. A person desires to interact with the people around him; to know, love, and be loved. Everyone holds the ability and desire to speak, to communicate. This does not exclude those with disabilities. In The Miracle Worker, released in 2000, tells the story of Anne Sullivan and her struggle in teaching the blind, deaf, and mute child Helen Keller.
In the beginning of the film, the family, convinced that there is no hope for Helen, plans to place her in an institution. However, as a last effort to control the child, Anne Sullivan is sent to the Keller household to aid the young Helen. Throughout the film, Anne attempts to teach Helen not only how to behave but how to communicate as well. Anne executes this through sign language, teaching Helen each letter and word by placing the signed letter into Helen’s palm, soon discovering that the child is in fact smart. Anne is faced with constant obstacles, all of which are due to the Kellers’, who questioned Anne’s teaching methods, pity rather than Helen’s disability itself. Later given permission to live alone with Helen for two weeks, Helen learns to behave as well as an incredible amount of words. Ann, however, is unable to reach a break through with Helen, who still cannot connect the words with reality. When the two return to the household, Helen reverts to her old ways. As discipline, Anne takes Helen to refill a pitcher of water, in which Helen spilled during a tantrum, and it is at the water pump that Helen finally reaches a break through, connecting the word “water” to the wet fluid coming out of the pump. It is at t...

... middle of paper ... or a meaning. Because her communication skills could not be developed, Helen was a mute and the people around her pitied her. Yet the film reveals that, despite Helen’s limitations, she still has the ability and desire to communicate and learn.
I believe The Miracle Worker is an incredible film that accurately depicts disabilities of being blind, deaf, and mute. Many can gain a better understanding upon watching this film as it depicts the struggles of both the family, teacher, and child. It reveals that with the proper help, no disabled child is lost. This movie is not only accurate in the depiction of an almost feral child but also of a bright child who desires to know and communicate with the world. It displays that the love, pity, and faith for the child all are key factors in the child’s growth. It shows that one should not lose faith in a disabled child.

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