The Minnesota Public Health Intervention Wheel

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My personal goal is to be a successful pediatric nurse who communicates and connect with patients on the personal level. I think I have not reached this goal because I still need to work on my communication skills. Through this course experience, I am a step closer to my goal. I discovered that it is easier to communicate and connect with people who has similar background and experience. Since most clients were students, I found it easy to find common topics to talk about and related to them easily. I think for me to be a successful pediatric nurse; I need to be familiar with the children’s world such as physical and cognitive development stages. I also need to know their interests, games, play, and language. Knowing the population would help me to communicate and connect with them. The Minnesota Public Health Intervention Wheel is classified into five main categories and each category focuses on different levels of healthcare. The first category is surveillance, disease and health event investigation, outreach, and screening, which focused on monitoring and preventing diseases in a population. The second category is referral and follow-up, case management, and delegated functions, which focused on optimizing self-care capabilities of individuals, families, groups, organizations, and/or communities by promoting access of resources. The third category is health teaching, counseling, and consultation, which educates and establishes an interpersonal relationship with individuals, families, communities and systems. The fourth category is collaboration, collaboration, and community organizing that connect individuals and organizations to identify common problems and achieve community health. The fifth category is advocacy, social mark... ... middle of paper ... ...and behavior. Moreover, I learned how different health care providers report patient situation using SBAR strategy. It was a great example of the inerprofessional care that positively impacts my future practice. Through this course, I learned a lot of new skills with the injection. I was a little anxious about injection before. Now with practice, I overcome my nervousness and become more confident with injections. One of the personal highlights is that talking to clients. It was a great practice to engage clients in conversations even for a couple of minutes and got to know a little piece of their life. It made the whole experience more interesting and increased client satisfaction. Moreover, I finally got to feel what it is like when a needle hits a bone. I was a little shocked when it did, but it was an awesome experience. One of the challenges that I faced was

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