The Minimum Wage Should Not Be Abolished

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The Minimum Wage Should Not Be Abolished Should We Abolish the Minimum Wage is not a question that should be ignore. From the time President Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in 1938 the $.25 minimum wage has rose up to its current condition to $5.15 an hour. (Industrial and Labor Relations Review) With many types of conflict that imposed upon it the minimum wage has been a debate ever since it has been in effect. In recent months Congress and the Senate has attempted to pass the minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.15 per hour. (Your Rights Under The FLSA) With both the public support and the political support it seems like there might be a possibility of an increase. With an increase we can see more of a possible living wage then this poor minimum wage that we have now. (A Fair Economy) In our current job atmosphere there is huge demand for highly skilled workers. The current condition can not be met due to the fact that there are not as many skilled workers as there is unskilled which is creating a crisis. This crisis in which we have two sides, one side who are employed workers and on the other side we have workers who can't be employed because they don't have any type of skills.(Review of Political Economics) The crisis we face can be resolved with the minimum wage in which promotes self-sufficiency by raising the wages of the working poor to a level that enables them to provide for their own without the assistance of others. (A Fair Economy) The (FLSA) was created in 1938 when Theodore Roosevelt decided to sign the bill in which banned oppressive child labor and set the minimum wage standard to twenty-five cents an hour. The bill also created the maximum workweek to 44 hours. (Industrial and Labor Relations Review) With Mr. Roosevelt signing the act American society changed for the better. Youth were no longer employed at early ages. Instead of working 40 plus hours a week children were in school getting education that they needed. Minimum wage also protected women. Since women didn't bring home as much as men they were set with the wage so at least they can bring home a fair share. (A Fair Economy) In Today's society the current minimum wage is $5.15 per hour and the maximum hours per week is 40. Once over 40 hours there is over time which is time and a half.

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