The Mind of Society

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People’s regrets take a toll on them. The school boys is in Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a novel set on a tropical island, regret what they did. In this story there are a group of schoolboys that get into a plane crash and are left without adults. As adolescents they decide who gets the power to be leader. Ralph is picked because of his appearance. Throughout the book, Jack abuses his power which leads to the death of Simon and Piggy; at the end they all regret what they did. In Lord of the Flies Golding demonstrates that people react to bad stimulus without realizing it, which results in an emotional breakdown. Because of Simon’s death, Ralph and Piggy start to feel sorrow. As Piggy and Ralph are discussing the death of Simon they argued, “ that was murder said Ralph, Piggy replied saying, you stop!, shrilly. Again he said, What good’re you doing talking like that? was an accident, said Piggy stubbornly, and that’s that said Piggy finally, Ralph replied, but we were! All of us!”(156-157). This demonstrates that Piggy did not want to admit the truth. He keeps on denying the fact that the Simon’s death is a murder. Ralph knows that Simon’s death is a murder; for what he took part of was not humane. This relates to Golding’s point of society because people do not want to face the consequences of what they do wrong. Ralph and Piggy feel pitiful for themselves because of their behavior which results in them being in denial. Ralph and Piggy start to grow guilt in them because of Simon’s death. In Lord of the Flies the school boys feel guilt and shame for what they did just like the students in the wave experiment. When the Naval officer came and spoke to Ralph the school boys starts to feel shameful as Ralph was cry... ... middle of paper ... ...ociety is when people are not lawful they then feel guilt. Piggy tried to deny that Simon’s death was a murder, and Ralph wants to admit that Simon’s death was a murder. All the boys cried because they realize they done wrong.After the students found out their teacher did an experiment on them they had an emotional breakdown. Jack being in control lead to him to fall apart. The students in the Wave document were scared of the situation they were in, and the teacher at the time enjoyed the power and control. A man’s mistake can bring him to a conclusion of what he did wrong. This means when a person does not make the best decision they then realize what they done. Works Cited Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. New York: Penguin Group. 2006. Print. Johnston, Sheila. The Wave: the experiment that turned a school into a police state. Sixties California. 2008. Web.
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