The Mind And The Body

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The topic of this essay is to discuss whether the mind and the brain are identical, for the purpose of this paper I will refer to the brain as the body. The position that I am taking on this topic is that of dualism and the argument that the mind and the body are indeed separate. I will support this by discussing Rene Descartes thoughts on substance dualism, and Leibniz 's Law and the indivisible nature of the mind as an additional supporting argument for mind and body dualism. I will counter this by discussing monism and the argument that the mind and the body is made up of only the physical, I will do this by discussing Daniel Dennett and discussing how science supports this. I will reply to the argument of monism by talking about the limitations of science in its ability to explain how the mind and body interact and asking the question that, if all the b Dualism, and in particular substance dualism, is the fundamental belief that the body and the mind are made up of distinctly different substances; the mind or soul and the physical body or brain which interacts with the world around it. As such the first claim that I will make is that the mind and body are not identical but that in fact they are separate substances. This is supported by Rene Descartes who was a French philosopher, mathematician and scientist who in his meditations, claimed that whist he could doubt that he had a body, he absolutely could not doubt that he had a mind (Waller, 2011). He conducted a thought experiment to support his beliefs that the mind and the body were not identical whereby he imagined that he was being deceived by a demon whose sole purpose was to mislead him. When asked if there was anything the demon could not mislead him about, his repl... ... middle of paper ... ... have come up with a way to making a computer that thinks independently and functions in some form in a human like manner. Yet to date it has not been done with any sort of success. Whilst they can make a computer with artificial intelligence that gives the appearance of acting in a human like way, what they have not been able to do is to get said computer to show understanding like a human, it appears that what these machines seem to lack is that of consciousness which gives further support of mind and body being separate. These computers, whilst appearing to learn and develop still lack that thing that makes them human, they cannot act with any sort of intuition and it does not appear to be something that they can program. (Searle, 1980) In conclusion, Rene Descartes belief that the mind and the body were made up of non identical substances citing the fact that

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