The Mind And Human Behaviour

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Having grown up in a third world country where crime and poverty are dominant has offered me a different view of the world. This has left me with a hankering to understand and explore the working of the mind and human behaviour. One of the many questions that has plagued many of us, “Why do we do the things we do?” is one of my main reasons for undertaking this degree. The fact childhood experiences can shape the individuals we become is quite an enthralling concept. I would like to understand what it is that makes us different, and if there are ways in which to change the outcome of our personality. I decided to do Psychology along with Criminology because I think the two go hand in hand. I would like a better insight of the criminal mind in order to figure out the reason behind them committing the act. I have a tendency to study and evaluate people, I like to know what they are thinking, and if I can predict their next move by reading their body language. Being on this course will offer me a chance to improve and build on that skill while strengthening my perspicacity. Another as...
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