The Millennium Development Goals

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Millennium Development Goals It is a tremendous honour to be here today and to have the great privilege in informing you on the Millennium Development Goals and how South Africa is moving forward in order to achieve these Goals. I will be looking at three specific goals in detail, providing you with statistics as well as strategies which will be put in place to help South Africa overcome some specific challenges which it might face in the journey to reach these desired goals. So without any further babbling, let us get down to business. The first goal I would like to bring to your attention is the goal to Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger. To live in poverty means to live in an environment which cannot satisfy your human needs sufficiently. This means that you do not have access to sufficient amounts of fresh water or cannot afford food or electricity. This is often determined by the income you earn. There are two poverty lines, the lower-bound poverty line (LPL) living under R433.00 a month, per person and the upper-bound poverty line (UPL) living under R620.00 a month, per person. Did you know that the poverty headcount in South Africa is estimated at 56.8% at the moment? Of course this has been noticed by South Africa and although more than half of the country lives in poverty, the percentage has failed to be greatly reduced over the past few years. If you look at the following graph the variance can evidently be seen. Figure 1 Showing the Poverty Headcount Percentage over 3 years The challenge South Africa faces in achieving this goal is that the country has a huge population. There are an estimated amount of 52 982 000 individuals living in South Africa. Of those 52 982 000 individuals, 8 495 000 are employe... ... middle of paper ... ... (Goodwin, 2014). This is a concern because it shows how unaware the country is of their president squandering their countries finances on luxurious living for one, whereas majority of the country does not have a home, food or water. That money could be used more effectively elsewhere. Therefore, I believe education is the key to the country seeing what is harming their lives, it is a gift and the country has given this gift to its people, however, this gift must be received with open arms in order for the country to benefit from it and if received, these benefits can be utilised to make those goals which are out of reach, come to be firmly placed in the countries hands. I hope your eyes have been opened, and that you leave here today well informed and aware of the countries determination to fulfil the Millennium Development Goals. Thank you very much, good-day.
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