The Millennial Server

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Anyone found themselves in a restaurant with bad service, waiting on their food for a half hour plus, making guesses as to how much longer it will take for their stomach to completely eat itself? Or perhaps saw a server to consumed with their smartphone or their current argument with a coworker to help the customer? Chances are they’re stuck with a millennial server. Everyone’s had that classic experience, they walk in to a rude host who then sits them with an equally rude server, who could clearly care less whether or not anyone’s eating in the near future. For servers who are looking to make decent money and minimize frustration, the possibilities are endless when able to work in tandem with coworkers and customers. It’s quite simple, servers who are kind and accommodating towards coworkers as well as customers make more money.
Being an effective collaborator with coworkers is one way to be accommodating as a server. Simply getting along with fellow employees can expedite many of the normal tasks servers are faced with. Be agreeable, accessible and transparent. Managers lend more f...

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