The Middle Ages in Despair

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1) Pope Gregory I increased the political power of the papacy by making the papacy a secular (worldly power) that was involved in politics. He made his palace the center of the Roman government. Pope Gregory I used the church’s income/revenue to raise armies, to repair roads, and to help the poor. He even negotiated peace treaties with invaders such as, the Lombards. According to himself, the lands from Italy to England and from Spain to Germany were his responsibility to govern. 2) Three ways civilization in the Western Empire declined after the Roman Empire fell were; trade was interrupted, cities fell and were abandoned, and the population of western Europe became mostly rural( population shifts) ( rural-relating to the countryside). As Roman centers of trade and government collapsed nobles fled to rural areas. As a result, Roman cities lacked strong leadership. So, people who lived in cities escaped to the countryside and grew their own food. During this period, learning declined and few people besides priests and church officials were literate. There also was a loss of a ...
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