The Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages

- During 400-1200 A.D. Music and Dancing was very popular.

- In 453 A.D. Korean musicians and dancers were trained in Mainland East

Asia further enriched the sources of music in the courts and temples.

- As for 612 A.D. A Korean immigrant from Paekche, named Mimashi, had

begun teaching Gigaku (A foreign music and dance) to youths. (William P-Malm Page


- During the period 612-712 A.D. There were records of Ancient Matters.

There was a dance called Utagaki, where a group dances and sings performed before

sexual intercourse and related to tribal practices elsewhere in East Asia.

- During 697-707 A.D. After the fall of the Patriarchal System of

Government, the Emperor Mammu democratic edict, declared the throne of the

civilization rested on the people in which to wield power.

- In 752 A.D. Hundreds of musicians and dancers were assembled for

dedication of a Giant Buddhist Statue at the Todaiji Temple in Nara. This was an insight

into one of the most brillant periods of East Asia musical history.

- During 794-1185 A.D. Was the Heian period, where favorite pastimes in

the imperial court included poetry composition, music, indoor games, sports and seasonal

excursions of various kinds. There most favorite games were Go, Shori, and Tag, where

players' attempt to throw arrows into a jar. (Inoue Shun.)

- During 833-850 A.D. Dancing was very popular, dancers were performed

in pairs, usually one dance was performed with four males. Dancers were classified as left

and right. The left dancers were from China, Central Asia. And the right dancers were

from Korea. They were dressed in Bugaku, which are elaborate and richly c...

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...d woman.



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