The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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The Metamorphosis was written by the accomplished author Franz Kafka. The Metamorphosis was first published in 1915 originally in German, but soon translated into many different languages. It has been cited as one of the influential works of fiction of the twentieth century and has been used by many colleges and universities across the world. Most of Franz Kafka’s work implement themes such as alienation, parent-child conflict, physical and emotional distress all of which is perceived through his personal life. Franz Kafka was born into a middle-class German-speaking family in Prague. His father, a merchant, was a very overbearing figure whose influence inspired many of his son’s work. Franz Kafka addressed his relationship with his father through his work called Letter to His Father, where he expresses his feelings of paternal rejection and subordination. Nonetheless, Kafka lived with his family for most of his life, never marrying, but has been engaged twice. Although Kafka is well known for his writing he was also a Civil service worker full-time and wrote in his spare time. Many of the themes in The Metamorphosis include the irrationality of life, disconnection from mind and body, limits of sympathy and alienation. Beginning with the first part of the story where Gregor waking up to discover that his body has transformed into an insect is far beyond natural occurrences. Also, notable Gregors transformation has never been explained through the story, almost as Franz Kafka is implementing through Gergor that many changes in his own life have no explanation. Kafka’s relationship with his mother and father was very rough. His mother as a homemaker who lacked the comprehension of Franz’s dream to become a writer. Where as ... ... middle of paper ... ...nothing stronger than a mother love she can’t just throw her child away, no matter what he looks like. Grete was a loving sister just as Kafka’s real life sister Ottla. She was the youngest sister and his most favorite. Ottla is portrayed through Grete through her willingness to take care of Gergor without any second thought. Alienation, the third theme, played a huge role in The metamorphosis. Gregors transformation forcefully caused him to become alienated both physically and mentally. Gregor’s situation along side of alienation he also has experienced imprisonment. Kafka writes “Gregor had the chance to listen to since his imprisonment.” (Kafka,42-43). After his transformation he exclusively stayed in his room with no outside contact. To make matters worse his speaking ability is slowly deteriorating, causing him to completely isolate himself from all humans.

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