The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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In “The Metamorphosis,” Franz Kafka depicts the life of the central character, Gregor Samsa, and his family after his transformation into a giant insect. Metamorphosis is a very major theme throughout the story, not only for Gregor but also that of his little sister Grete. At first after Gregor morphed into a bug, it seems as if Grete is that only one who cares for her brother, even though he has the body of a giant bug. She brings him food for him twice a day and takes the time to clean his room. She is even concerned about how his appetite might have changed and what he might now find desirable to eat. Even going to the length of, “in the goodness of heart/ she brought him an assortment of foods” (Kafka page 222) something that Gregor greatly appreciates. Grete also takes it a step further and takes not the role of spokeswoman. Giving “detailed reports” about how Gregor is doing. To Gregor his little sister becomes a comfort and his only link to his humanity and the outside world. However, signs of Grete’s own “metamorphosis” begins to take place in the way that she acts and behaves toward her brother. Gregor has been a bug for so long that Grete begins to become less sensitive in the way she treats him, throwing the window opens at one point of the story so that the fresh air can fill the room. And even becomes less accepting of how her brother now appears. “but not only did she not enter, she leaped back and locked the door” (Kafka page 225). Grete has now allowed herself to become entirely thoughtless of her brother’s feelings and asserted that she can no longer stand the sight of him. At one point even the way she says "Ooh Gregor!" (Kafka page 229) to her Gregor are spoken in anger and disgust. Another instant of Gr... ... middle of paper ... ...hin the hearing of that monster, and so I will merely say: we have to try and get rid of it” (Kafka 237). Grete has gone from being the one who cared the most about Gregor in the world to someone who no longer wants to believe that this “bug” is her brother and in fact wants to do anything she can to get rid of him entirely. Throughout the story we can see, watch as not only Gregor is transformed, but also his sister Grete also. She changes from this once warm, loving, caring individual, who had once brought him food, before pushing the food to him uncaringly with her foot to him. She went from someone willing to clean her brother’s room because she loved him, to a selfish individual only worried about her needs. But the most significant, metamorphosis of all, is that she gave up on Gregor and become the first of her family to state that the “bug’ not her brother.

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