The Message of the Torah: Using the Unlikely

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With everyone having their own opinion on the Torah it is hard to say that there is an exact message of the book. Scholars have spent years arguing, debating, and ripping each other’s opinion apart on what exactly the Torah’s message is. The message of the Torah is that God has His way of taking the most unlikely person and making an example of them whether it be by failure or examples of greatness.
Examples of the way God uses people are placed all throughout the bible constantly. In the beginning of Genesis God took the bible’s biggest sinner and made an example out of him which in the end brought God glory. Satan his is the last person you would expect God to ue for anything but he is God’s first choice. God’s next choice of people to use played into him using Satan. God made Adam and Eve two perfect humans. With there being no knowledge of sin how could anything possibly go wrong? Well Satan is what’s wrong. His envy for God turned his love for God into Hate. The devil was said to be the highest angel in God’s ranks and most favored. So being that God is all knowing that would mean he knew the beginning to the end. Knowing the beginning to end would mean he knew that the devil would appear to eve in garden as a serpent. Also why place temptation in a place of perfection. Adam and Eve knew God, but did Adam and Eve give God glory? Why would they if everything is perfect? The devil was nothing more than a pawn piece in God’s plan. His job was well fulfilled then and is still till this day being fulfilled. God uses the devil every minute of every day. People glorify God to spite the devil, but the devil far from the last person God would use to bring him glory.
God also used a man named Abraham. Abraham was a simple man who took care of sheep and cattle and lived with his wife Sarai. All Abraham wanted was a son. God one day called on Abraham and told him he wanted to give him the land of the world for him and his future families. Abraham received his son but was asked by God to do one thing. God asked Abraham to offer the son he wanted so bad up to God and to give up the one thing he wanted more than anything.