The Message Of Political Alignment

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The message of political alignment is a vast and varying concept, one that will be debated for as a long as party divisions exist. This divide however exists in not just the Christian community. We begin with the metaphor of a shepherds flock, blindly following what an individual says over ones own thinking. Boyd furthers this concept of alignment and how “many who left sincerely believe there is little ambiguity in how true Christian faith translates into politics. Since God is against abortion, Christians should vote for the pro-life candidate, they believe- and the preacher should say so” (Boyd 2). This blind adherence to one topic, one issue is unfortunately a failure on an intellectual level of all people, whether Christian or not. The decision of who should run this country should not be a popularity contest, nor should it be a singular analysis of a candidates ideas. Of course, in order to understand Boyd 's point of view, a few key terms must be explained. Only one truly exists, Evangelicalism. This subset of Protestantism, pertains to the gospel as containing the doctrine of salvation by faith in the atonement of Christ. David Bebbington divides American evangelicalism into four sections: conversionism, activism, biblicism, and crucicentrism (NAE). This is important as Boyd believes “to a frightful degree, …, evangelicals fuse the kingdom of God with a preferred version of the kingdom of the world” (Boyd 3). Boyd 's The Myth of a Christian Nation attempts to explain the fundamental problem with aligning oneself with a political faction. He focuses on religion as the primary reason, but let us take this one step further. Every American, regardless of religious affiliation (which is in many regards just a detrimental as ... ... middle of paper ... ... in. The problem lies not in the world, but those who abuse their power. We see this everywhere in the world and not just in Christian circles. Ultimately, as in all things, what are the consequences to dis-regarding Boyd 's thoughts. The short answer is nothing. The real heart of the problem is, as iterated above, the abuse of those in power. Christians have a big authority problem. No one seems ready to confront those in power that abuse their station, not too mention commit crimes. This is mainly in part of the God association. These men must have been appointed by God and therefore can do no wrong. Unfortunately that is not the case, we as humans need to think for ourselves and create our own conclusions. Blind faith should never occur. No matter what the leap is, no matter how much faith is required, it should never be blind. Doing so is only fooling ourselves.
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