The Message Of Celia Garth, By Gwen Bristock

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Have you ever had something of great value be taken from you and then feeling emotionally empty? In Celia Garth, Gwen Bristow desires to share the important message of Celia Garth’s past to the characters and readers. Memories prove that Celia got through the war and the bells provided a stress free period. Her memories were resembled through the bells of St.Michaels Church. The past demonstrated in Celia’s eyes about the war and what the bells reminded her of. The Revolutionary War was full of momentum swings on both sides which caused the Redcoats to steal the bells. Charleston seemed hopeless because the Redcoats had total control of every aspect in the war. Charleston was in total destruction and it would take people a long time…show more content…
Before the Battle of Charleston started, the sound of the bells brought happiness to Celia’s life. The bells sound, was unique and brought hope and happiness to Celia everyday. It brought hope and happiness to Celia because the bells reminded her of Jimmy and the peace before the war. “Celia thought she would love the bells as long as she lived, and whenever she went away she would be homesick for them” (Bristow 77). Bristow wanted to prove that the bells played an important role in Garth 's life. The Redcoats stole the bells which made Celia sad, which made her not hear the sound of the bells everyday, which she looked forward to.Celia’s view in the war was not a good view, it was a sad and depressing view with destruction. Celia’s view of the war led to the stealing of the bells, which made her hopeless and sorrow. “Losing the bells was like losing part of her life” (Bristow 405).When Celia did not hear the bells anymore it became weird to Celia. She used to come home to hearing the bells. After a long day of work the bells would make her happy. The bells being stolen not only took a toll on Celia but also Jimmy and…show more content…
Bristow used the bells to represent a memory as Jimmy 's death to Celia. After the bells were gone, she no longer had the happy times with Jimmy to think about. “She remembered hearing them that morning when Jimmy told her Vivian needed a dressmaker; and again that gray evening when Jimmy had her first kiss” (Bristow 405). Now that the bells were gone, Celia had no memories about the good times. Celia is sad that her first child, Vivian will not be able to hear the bells. The thought of Vivian not being able to hear the bells made Celia sad. “She simply could not accept the fact that she would never hear the bells again, and that her child would never hear the lovely whisper of music” (Bristow 406). Celia wanted Vivian to see Charleston through her eyes before it was destructed and to hear the wonderful sound of the bells. The bells played a big role in the book because when Celia had those bells it brought happiness to her. They played in Celia 's life and the town of Charleston. The Redcoats heavily invaded Charleston. The bells were sometimes needed for Celia to get through her rough times. Gwen Bristow gave evidence in the text that the bells reminded her of the good times before the destruction of the war. This caused Celia Garth to push herself to succeed in life and never give up. Your memories play a big role in your everyday life. Many people never think about it, but you 're thinking about the past often. If you
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