The Merchant Of Venice By William Shakespeare

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Trust is used in “The Merchant of Venice” to make conflict more alive and the love that is in the story line more prevalent. Portia hooks in Bassanio with the gift she bestows upon him. For example, “In “The Merchant of Venice” spotlights shiny displays of sacrifice and gift giving. At the same time he (Shakespeare) lets the shadows of darker motives encroach on the glitter of those displays”(Berger 1). The darker motives show that Portia is a little bit conniving in her way the she bestows the ring onto Bassanio. She uses the ring to self-protect, setting herself into a win-win situation. For example, “Portia’s gift to Bassanio is an act of self-protection “in a naughty world”(Shakespeare 5.1.91), a something for nothing that she can transform into a weapon, or into a debt, whenever she finds it in her interest to disadvantage the donee”(Berger 26). But like I said before this puts her in the perfect situation, if her soon-to-be husband gives the ring to someone else, then she can do whatever she wants. If he is loyal she gets to have a loyal husband to the end of the play. Bassanio is a very needy person, in “The Merchant of Venice” he basically just puts his trust to the “highest bidder”. Bassanio is a very needy person, considering the fact that he was looking for love and just stumbles upon a wealthy woman looking for a husband. In the play “The Merchant of Venice” Bassanio is either an intellectual person who gets played by Portia, or he is a dunce who is just looking for love. For example, “Bassanio lives up to his scholarly reputation by framing Portia in classical analogies, the most bizarre of which turns her into the world’s eighth wonder- “her sunny locks/ Hang on her temples like a golden fleece”(Shakespeare 1.1... ... middle of paper ... self to save him, and all of his ships came back to port. The only one who was not in the clear was poor Shylock the Jew. At the earlier stages of “The Merchant of Venice” he was set, going to get either his loan repaid or take a piece of Antonio and feed it to the fish, for personal reasons. BUT, he had the exact opposite happen to him. Shylock had parts of his estate taken away, and could not take a piece of flesh out of Antonio, which is all he wanted to do, he had his daughter betray him and switch to the religion he hated, and did not even get his loan paid back. In conclusion “The Merchant of Venice”has many different plot twist that make the audience excited that there is going to be a fight and then happy when everything goes the way the majority of the characters planned it to go, and then Shylock was made the ass of Bassanio, Portia, and Antonio’s plans.
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