The Menacing Effects of Marijuana

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The Menacing Effects of Marijuana

The intake of marijuana can have several different effects.

The user may experience a feeling of euphoria, increased laughter

or happiness, as well as a relaxed passive mood. The user may

experience difficulties with short-term memory, attention span may

be decreased, and senses may be distracted. Many users also report

losing track of time, experiencing paranoia and anxiety, and

having hallucinations. Their eyes may become bloodshot because of

the dilation of blood vessels in the eye whites. However, as

opposed to popular belief, pupils do not become dilated. Accurate

measurements of pupil diameter after smoking marijuana have

actually shown that there is a slight decrease in pupil size, but

the change cannot be seen without precise instruments (McKim

1991). The more common identifier of one that has used marijuana

is his/her eyelids frequently drooping. This gives users a

distinguishing look about them and one that many people can

detect. In addition, marijuana sometimes causes a sensation of

having a dry mouth accompanied by an increased appetite known as

the "munchies".

Depression, anxiety, and personality disturbances have also

been associated with the use of marijuana. Research supports that

marijuana has the potential to either cause problems in every day

life or make a person's existing problems worse. Employment

status also becomes an unfortunate side effect for many users.

Workers who smoke marijuana are more likely than their coworkers

to have problems on the job. Studies have linked workers' that

smoke marijuana with increased absences, tardiness, accidents,

workers' compensation claims, and job turnover. One study of

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... in the United States.


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