The Men Actually Responsible for the Success of the Nazi Party

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Germany, in 1925, was a shell of its former self. The Treaty of Versailles had been in place for about six years and the German people were looking for a president that would help their country. Their choice was clear. This man was quite the presidential candidate; He was popular, supported by the right-wing politicians, had served in World War I, and had impeccable taste in facial hair. Yes, of course, the only man for the job was Paul Von Hindenburg. His election symbolized the German people’s readiness to accept a strong, militaristic government, much like that of their next leader, −now this name should sound familiar− Adolf Hitler. As surprising as it may be, Hitler actually ran against Hindenburg that year, but he received about as many votes as third parties receive in current presidential elections. Hindenburg’s election was a testament to Hitler’s many weaknesses. Adolf was not popular or supported, and the only way had gained the infamous reputation he has now is because he rode on the coattails of greater men. Hitler is not the genius, godly, self-made man he is portrayed as. He did not solely create the Holocaust, generate any supporters for his party or himself, and he did not make prudent decisions for the war; For these reasons, he is merely the poster boy for the Third Reich.
Generally, it is acceptable to say that Hitler was the cause of the Holocaust, but he was only the face for the Nazi party. In fact, the idea for it cannot be traced to any one man. Throughout history, Jewish people have served as scapegoats for many of the world’s unfortunate events, such as the Bubonic Plague and wars. Anti-Semitists were definitely not the result of Hitler. Additionally, while he did approve the idea to eliminate various g...

... middle of paper ... have been associated with Satan, but he is just a man. He was not godly or an evil genius by any means. Behind the successes of The Third Reich are people like Reinhard Heydrich, Hermann Goring, Heinrich Himmler, Joachim Van Ribbentrop, and so many others. The most recognized man in World War II, however, has remained Adolf Hitler and this is because he is their poster boy; doing little more than approving choices and putting together a superb team. Yes, he should still live in infamy, but one should never fail to recognize the people who really made it all possible.

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