The Member Of The Wedding By Carson Mccullers

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I had the chance to watch my first play in Bowling Green for my English 200 class at the Public Theatre of Kentucky or also known as the Phoenix Theater during April 30, Thursday which showed “The Member of the Wedding” by Carson McCullers. I don’t usually go to plays often then I should, but I enjoyed the play and hearing the glees and giggles of the coward they seemed to enjoy it as well. Set in a modern America around the time after the atom bomb, we follow the life of a tomboyish girl who seeks to find her role in life and her brother’s wedding. The point that can be taken from this play more than anything is that whatever happens in life, either it be individual problems that happens though out the day or even life defining choices that destroys the destinies of men, life will look with pity than move on, as life always does. The first act begins with Frankie Addams in the kitchen on a lonely day of summer with her Berenice Brown and John Henry West. Jarvis, her brother, is visiting for a short time to welcome his fiancée, Janice. This couple plans on getting married in the next following week. Frankie’s best friend left before summer and all the other girls are acting high and mighty because they are thirteen and Frankie is still twelve. They won’t allow her to join their clubs or games, mainly because she’s rude. Frankie has spent most of her summer playing cards and having idle talk with Berenice Brown and John Henry. While her father is away at his job, Frankie feels distressed with having the feeling of not belonging nowhere, but as soon as she sees her brother and his fiancée, she is enchanted by their love and becomes a member of the wedding. This part of the play seemed rush to move along. Frankie shows off a new dre... ... middle of paper ... ...eft confused and quickly turned tail behind the stage. Another moment was also during the end when Berenice was humming and while it was fading black quickly turned bright and back to dark quickly, ruined that scene completely. Lastly, the props John Henry got to play with while Frankie and Berenice were talking delighted me so. The Kentucky Public Theater did swell job of making this play wonderful. Other than a few simple errors in either casting or management, I was delighted to have gone to it. For the actors who turned these characters words into life and give those meaning is a job only a few can master. For what this play taught more than anything else is the fact that life will go on regardless of your actions, and the actions you use to make will affect those around, so, don’t fuse over such things and enjoy the idle time you have and hope for more to come.
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