The Medical Model

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The medical model was developed for the practice of medicine, many of its characteristics are being used in different health disciplines (Kielhofner, 2009, p. 235). Including the Occupational therapy profession. As a client-centered profession, it is vital to learn all you can about your clients. However, before an individual becomes a client to an OT. He/ she was a patient. As the word client and patient are used interchangeably, it is important to know the differences between the words. It is apparent when talking about health and illness the term patient always chosen. As these individuals are seeking for professional medical treatment due to their diseases.
Based on the understanding of what it takes to be a patient. The medical model and parson are both at an agreement. According to Parson “the ‘obligation to “want to get well” …. And to seek professional help and social support: to actively seek professional help, to trust the physician and to follow medical advice. The doctor-patient relationship is set up to enable
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Which later will aide in finding a treatment for the patient. The medical model is concerned with nature, causes, and movement of diseases and trauma. Also, eliminating or containing the effect of diseases thought the manipulation of the alteration of the body structure. So as an OT you able to utilized this model to better care for your client. For example, if a client needs therapy by an occupational therapy for a hand injury, it is the occupational therapy responsibility to draw on the related knowledge from the medical model to best treat that client. The OT should be able to explain to the client the post-surgical healing process, the implication for safety engaging in different activities. A therapist must understand their client’s disease and prognoses and the different medication side
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