The Medical Marijuana Debate

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The medical use of marijuana has been a discussion that has been in the news and all around us recently. This is currently a hot topic of interest. There is an enormous amount of evidence that marijuana could be effect against many things. For example evidence shows it could be used to help relieve pain during chemotherapy, but along with this there is also evidence that at times marijuana can cause harm to someone as well. As nurses we must see each side of the debate to make our care for our patients sounder. One quote that directly applies to this topic, which is very important, was written in the Journal of Clinical Nursing:

“There are many issues and concerns for the health care professional and nurse when caring and treating someone who has chosen to use cannabis for symptom management. Nurses, in particular, have a professional responsibility to respect and support service users in their decision to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. It is also important for nurses to ensure that when cannabis is taken in conjunction with care and prescribed treatment the service user is informed by up-to-date legal, pharmacological, physiological and psychological evidence. “ (Journal of Clinical Nursing)


Many people find issues with marijuana use for medical purposes because of preconceived ideas they have heard or experienced with people who have used it recreationally and not for medical use. In the Western Journal of Medicine a physician describes his opinion on medical marijuana. He states that he has had patients who have used marijuana with diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, epilepsy, and many others who have seen positive relief minus any significant side effects (Eidelmen, 1). He also quoted in h...

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...done first such as research. Cannabis use in the medical field has become such a big topic and will soon be affecting all of us. It is important that we begin considering this as an option for treatment.


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