The Medical Field Has Wide Ranges Of Occupations

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Being in the medical field has wide ranges of occupations. Some may decide to be an x-ray technician, a physician, or a pharmacist. There are many options in which direction to take when entering the medical field. On the other hand, one field that will always boom is nursing. I believe nurses exemplify a significant aspect in the medical field because they are the most credibility individuals besides the physician. They are the front lines in a hospital environment, and the nurse supervise making sure your health is progressing. The importance of nurse are able to assist people who are in critical condition. Becoming a nurse provides many benefits financially and emotionally. Nonetheless, I believe nursing is a stable career in which allows you to make a difference in someone’s life. According to Nursing Credentials 101: From LPN & LVN to BSN & DNP, “there are different levels of nursing”. First, you have the certified nursing assistants (CNA) who obtain only a certification. Moreover, these nurses admits and takes vitals. This is lowest level of nursing. Then, there is the licensed practical nursing (LPN) and the licensed vocational nursing (LVN) are individuals who have a high school diploma and must pass the NCLEX-PN for a certification. Next, there is a registered nurse (ADN) this level is the most in demand. You must obtain an associate or a bachelor’s degree. You would need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Some people stop at this level, but if they decide to advance your career. Another option is choosing to a program for advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). Finally, the last option for nursing at the doctorate level. Based on the information we can conclude that there are many articulate levels of nursing available. One... ... middle of paper ... ...fession due to the high levels of stress and their workload. Regardless, of the many challenges these nurses faces. Working to become a nurse has its many positives and negative, in which come along being in this profession. Due to the shortage of nurses, some institutions and community colleges offer a few open programs, resulting, and a small number to enter the program. If we are able to increase the number of teachers in these programs, this will result in our society to fill the demands in this field. There are many ways to also advance to a higher level of nursing by furthering your future in a master or into a Ph.D. program. Therefore, while every job has its challenges, the demand and rewards of nursing depend on the individual and setting. Each day is different in which offer a variety of challenges that keep you learning and excited about this profession.

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