The Media's Influence Of Pop Culture And Popular Culture

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No matter what it might be, the media is always trying to persuade us what the new best thing is. Since the dawn of advertising, the media has always been trying to get you to buy the next big thing. And ultimately, popular culture declares what is socially acceptable, what products are the best, and what you should think about them. For the most part, media would give advertising space to whoever pays the most, but this isn’t true for political stances. Whatever source of respected pop culture publications has power to create an image of what is “good”, and people interpret it as such. Many different sources pass on their political standpoints to viewers and they can very easily sway what a viewer agrees with and finds as “good”. With this,…show more content…
Pop culture, in whatever form it may be, has potential to influence friendships. If the definition of friendship is derived from this common good or mutual interest, it can stem from anything as long as two people have said interest. But because of how many things pop culture is invested in, there are many ways that it can create and influence how people form friendships. Let’s say that the media is pretty convincing about fashion (I do not know anything about fashion nor do I claim to), the media successfully makes fashion popular so many people will be able to make money from fashion and create mutual passions for the industry. Popular culture creates success in the fashion industry and it indefinitely is a great example of how it can determine friendships. It’s extremely prevalent that people judge each other on what they wear, stereotyping is a massive problem in the United States at the moment. If someone does not think that one is dressed like they should be then they are subject to social judgement. Popularity is the stem for this, searching groups for similarity is generally a good way to find people to make good friends, and when the similarity is the normal defined by pop culture then it is easy to stereotype people that do not adhere to pop

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