The Media vs. the Message

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1. Media literacy is when a person consumes media, and understands not only the message, but the influences and implications, or hidden purposes of a message. Originally I figured media literacy was being able to understanding the meaning of media messages. However, I now understand that media literacy in not only understand a message, but knowing what impact it is meant to have on the consumer, what the message sender is trying to convey, and what they are actually conveying. Also media needs to be purposefully and carefully consumed. Consuming media out of habit or in a state of automaticity with no purpose leaves the consumer open to attenuating to messages they normally would ignore. Now that we understand what media literacy fully entails, we are able to put it in practice for ourselves. While we could use co-viewing or active mediation to help spread media literacy, not everyone is open to being taught media literacy, it is better to direct people to classes or groups that teach media literacy so they can seek it out if they desire. By telling others about media literacy, hopefully we can increase people’s awareness increase media literacy in our community. 2. The first level is cognitive effect. This level is essentially planting information in our minds. An example of this would be gaining information from a textbook and forming that information into knowledge. The attitudinal level can affect our values, opinions and beliefs. For instance I may go see a movie I don’t think will be good, and leave thinking that it was the best movie ever. The emotional effects happen after being exposed to media that taps into our emotions. If I’m feeling unmotivated, I’ll probably turn on the Rocky sound track or something to make me... ... middle of paper ... ...ased my awareness of the vast amounts of messages, both apparent and hidden, that I am bombarded with. It has made me aware that any time I come in contact with media, whether purposefully or unintentionally, the message is often still received and can have an influence upon me. Now that I am aware of this fact, I can be more purposeful about my consume media, and use media to best benefit me. Also this course has taught me the physiological, emotional, and cognitive effects media can have on me, and how knowledge structure works. Lastly it helped me better understand the education system and how some of the concepts we learned in class have been or could be applied to increase student learning. Lastly I learned not only that a class such as this exists, but also now I can explain what media literacy is, and hopefully get others interested in classes such as this.
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