The Media vs Teens

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I was sitting one night perched in front of the television when a segment captured my attention. It was an attempt to portray the current generation "Y" as lazy, fat and drug addicted. If you are naïve enough to swallow the tripe being served, you may form the opinion that we teens do little beyond text messaging, sexting and gaming. Teens would be incapable of surviving in an environment without technology and parental support because we are intrinsically selfish and unable to function without an iPod hooked to our ears or a mobile phone vibrating in our pockets. This could not be further from the truth! The media thrives on embellishing the facts and is excellent at using samples of rebellious teenage behaviour to belittle the majority. It is the reckless behaviour and actions of a few who have the majority of innocent teenagers branded as delinquent troublemakers and treated as pariahs. The media has an insatiable thirst for ruining the impression of teens for the public. Teenagers who strive for excellence and have fun simply don’t sell newspapers, and are subsequently ignored by the media. The slanted perspective on their stories influence and encourages the public to have a negative perception of teenagers. The media doesn’t reveal what the majority of teens do in reality but rather focuses on the few morons who act in less than pleasant behaviours and blow it up to massive proportions. Teenagers are inundated with criticisms from the public and media for all the wrong reasons. The media prioritises profit and ratings over newsworthy issues. Their goal is not to reflect reality but rather gain an audience. Don’t you sometimes just get tired of the monotony of the media? A recent story on Today Tonight, “Mot... ... middle of paper ... ...m ‘technology dependent’; teenagers are technologically literate and not technologically dependent. A trend that I have noticed in writing this essay is that a current generation is always criticised by previous ones in various media forms. Perhaps it is caused by jealousy that their time has passed or could it be the fear of change. To readers, I say remember that the media exaggerates and thrives on sensationalism so don’t believe everything the media throws at you and absorb it like a sponge. Possibly, if the media allows freedom for teenagers to have the opportunity to have their side of the story told and express their views and opinions without the media feeding the public with outrageous stories which demonise teenagers, we can live harmoniously together. History has always had bad representations on teenagers, could this tradition ever be changed?
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