The Media and the 2000 Campaign

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The Media and the 2000 Campaign For much of the 2000 campaign for the Presidency, Vice President Al Gore has been seen the candidate who will win this year’s Presidential Election. The polls show Gore as leading, political analysts have been saying “Gore all the way,” and most of the general public seem to be in agreement that Gore will succeed President Bill Clinton. But recently, the past two Presidential debates have seemed to abolish the idea that Vice President Al Gore will easily be elected President over Texas Governor George W. Bush. Al Gore known as an assertive, well-spoken, intellect with plenty of political experience has been both praised and criticized for his approach to debates. Everyone knows that Gore is a very intelligent, energetic, and liberal candidate; but many lack appreciation for the way he plays down his counterparts. Gore comes across on televison as an arrogant person, who uses very aggressive tactics in exposing his opponents vulnerabilities. His preparation and approach to the debates is impeccable, this can be credited to the fact that he has been involved in such debates since 1988. On the front page of the October 2, 2000 The Washington Post, Ceci Connolly and Dan Balz depict the two candidates and their respective styles of debating. The two journalists give a general overview of what to expect from these two candidates in the upcoming Presidential Debates. Connolly mentions that restraint would have to be Gore’s top challenge, insinuating that he would have to refrain from lashing his opponent too frequently, which could make him appear tasteless to the audience. Even though Gore’s approach sometimes rubs his opponents the wrong way, Connolly does agree with most that Gore i... ... middle of paper ... ...stration is handling foreign policy and may turn to Governor Bush. These two major newspapers (The Washington Post and The NewYork Times) have provided complete coverage of the entire 2000 campaign. Besides writing about and discussing each candidates stereotypes and exploiting their weaknesses, their coverage has remained fairly neutral and mostly unbiased. However, since the media genereally favors the liberal end of the spectrum, more often than not, they have portrayed Al Gore as America's "Golden Boy." The two candidates seem to feel similarly about many issues, with the exception of a few; abortion, capital punishment, and government spending. The 2000 campaign for the Presidency appears to be as close as any previous elections, neither candidate gives a lot to be criticized for, therefore making it diffucult for the media to defame both Gore and Bush.
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