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Media is a very important aspect in today’s society. It has a distinctive role in society which can change the views of an individual whenever and is now needed to help society function. Globalisation is also more relevant in today’s society then in the past, globalisation is when an institution develops internationally. Almost anything can become global businesses to culture. However the one major institute that is most definitely global is the media. Global media is a major topic of debate many sociologists have different arguments and views about global media many perceive is in a positive way and others a negative. There are two main types of approaches to globalised media, micro and the other macro. Micro means looking at the smaller picture, in terms of looking at the global media the approaches that are micro look at the individuals (the public) and the effects of globalised media towards them. Macro is the opposite of micro it involves looking at the bigger picture, theoretical approaches which are macro tend to look at how the media influences society and the world as a whole. One approach to globalised media is of Marshall McLuhan, he’s view takes up the macro approach towards examining globalised media. McLuhan discussed the benefits of the media he alleged that media is increasing globalisation which consecutively produces a ‘global village’ (Branston and Stafford, 2010: 144). A global village is when the world and people around the world are all part of one community, and according to McLuhan it is the media that is producing this, the media has so many features a story from one country can be told to the whole world by the next day, certain aspect like the news are very good at connecting the world and creating a g... ... middle of paper ... totally bias. To conclude I believe that all of these theoretical approaches have proposed a good argument about the global media all of these theories have totally different perception towards the media. Globalised media is a very difficult idea to argue about and come to a final decision on, as arguments both for and against it have very important points. Global media as a whole helps encourage people all over the world to come together and connect with one another however the owners produce biased information distorting the public’s views and opinions. So one should not fail to recognise this and also. One theory I think that is most convincing is Volkmer she looked at individuals and the effects of the media she talked about how they created global spheres for people to connect and talk about their issues which I feel does happen especially via the internet.
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