The Media And Racial Discrimination In The Media

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Why are so many of the top stories in the news negative and geared toward pointing out an apparent ongoing struggle between whites and blacks? Is it because society is only interested in hearing about what is going wrong in the world, or is the media trying to create controversy and increase racial tensions to garner larger television audiences and sell more newspapers? Many stories in the news are related to racism: police brutality, education, crime; the media has a way of portraying these matters or specific incidents to suggest that a vast majority of Americans are racist. What might happen if the media, specifically, and society in general, were to focus on the good aspects of our world and the positive sacrifices that individuals make…show more content…
Blacks’ trust in police officers is progressively diminished by their exposure to selectively-edited and worded news reports covering police-citizen interactions, while whites stereotype blacks with criminal and violent predispositions. Another recent story in the news about a fifteen year old high school student from Knoxville, Tennessee who was shot and killed as he pushed three girls to the ground and shielded them from gunfire during a shooting spree in the neighborhood. In all of the reporting, it was never mentioned that he was a young black male from a single-parent home. The racial emphasis so often seen when blacks commit crimes against whites, or white police officers scuffle with black citizens evaporated in this story; the story only focused on the fact that he cared enough to give his life to save…show more content…
who was arrested for breaking into his own home and Gates’ rendering of how he was treated by the police. Staples’ remarks, “…how quickly the media and political forces move to divert attention from the true nature of racial profiling in order to maintain white privilege and power.” The Gates’ story is both an example of the conflict theory perspective and symbolic interactionism. “Famed Interactionist Herbert Blumer (1058) suggested that racial prejudice is formed through interactions between members of the dominant group…(237)” which in the case of Staples’ view point would be the media and political forces. Regardless of whether society believes that the media averts the news story from racial profiling or instigates racial conflict by selective reporting, the media spearheads the well-known sociological issue of racism in America

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