The Meaning of Abortion

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The Meaning of Abortion

Abortion is an apparition to end a pregnancy through the expulsion of

the foetus from the womb .In the UK it is illegal to have an abortion

after twenty four weeks apart from life threatening circumstances.

Abortion is a very complex moral issue with huge diversity of opinion,

even in the Christian church.

What biblical teachings might be used in a discussion about abortion?

Different churches have different opinions on abortion, for example,

The Roman Catholic Church says abortion is wrong and a sin In all

cases. The Protestant Church says that abortion may be acceptable in

some cases.

Within the Christian church there is a diversity of belief and opinion

on the subject.

Christians believe all people should take full responsibilities for

their bodies as they are 'the temple of the holy spirit'. Sex should

not come out of lust but should express respect, love and

consideration for both people. Parents also have a responsibility to

there unborn child, but not all Christians believe life begins at

conception but many do. Catholics do believe that life begins at

conception and the Pope forbids all forms of contraception.

Most groups say that sex with the right attitude is good and unwanted

pregnancy should be avoided. The Pope has never proclaimed an

infallible teaching on abortion, although the Pope and most Bishops

believe it is morally wrong. In countries where Catholicism is the

dominant faith it has held out against abortion being legalised, this

is not always successful e.g. France, Italy and Spain.

The law of the church however says that anyone who commits the sin of

abortion automat...

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...rape, or the

pregnancy becomes life threatening. I believe that young people should

not just be told about it but be allowed to discuss it, they should be

told where they can go for help and confidential advice. A Christian

approach to explaining it may not always be the best option as many

young people have no faith in religion and see it as a fantasy. A

vicar explaining what the bible teachings are, will not be

acknowledged as much as a young adviser.

For the Pope to say that contraception is wrong and expecting people

to obey is not fair. Sex is a big part of peoples lives today and

obviously was not when the bible was written. The Pope may also be

blamed for the spread of STD's, therefore the death of many Catholics.

The bible is very narrow in its teachings, one story may give many

different moral teachings.
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