The Meaning Of Success: The Ladder To Success

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The Ladder to Success
The meaning of success in school is different for everyone. Because everyone’s way of life and property is different, people pursuit of different ideas and goal. Some people might think that passing all the exams is succeeding. Others will think that getting well with friends means success. According to my life experience, I focus more on self cultivation. The personality is like a key to successful, that forester some characteristics, like independent and confidence. For me, making an improved progress is what is success, and I think patience and self-control are the main factors for success.
First of all, patience helps me improve the quality of my life, so that I can succeed this semester. Patience is a most essential
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Take my last relationship as an example, my boyfriend and I break up because of my impatience. When we chat on the phone, sometimes he will reply me for a long time, or suddenly disappear. At that moment, I will regard it as he doesn’t care about me, so I get angry. However, he will coax and explain to me at the beginning, but if I still don’t forgive him, he would think that I was unreasonable. After we separate, I’m not in myself for a whole month, even stay at the bed for a day without eating anything, and it really influences my life, especially my study. But now I realize that no man is perfect in the world and thus everyone has drawbacks at one point or the other. While living with the person we love, we need to become more patient and tolerant, don’t argue over the small…show more content…
Having a positive attitude to face the problem is the most important things in everyone life. Last semester, I almost missed my final text due to my poor self-control. My friend asked me to hang out with her, at first I was refused, because I had not finished my homework, and I had the final test the next day at 8am, but after a long conversation, I still agreed with to go with her. When I came back home at midnight, the computer was still wide open and it remains me that I still had to complete the assignment. By the time I completed my work, it was very late and I only got four hours to sleep. So the next day, I was so tired and almost fell asleep during the text. Besides, I was so regretted of promising my friend on the out. After that, I realized how important self-control is, and I try so hard to improve it, not only for hang out, but also for playing the phone and computer. And I find out that I can improve my self-control ability by eating on time, getting enough sleep and doing some exercises as these can help my brain more
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