The Meaning Of Love: What Is Love?

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Everyone has their own interpretation of love. They all have their own meaning and understanding. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the definition of love is, “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties”(Merriam-Webster), the dictionary definition tells us that it is a feeling toward someone you know and have some sort of connection with. However, to each and every person love has a different meaning that relates to how they have experienced love in the past, and what they have seen or heard about love. Regardless of what each person believes love might mean, the science behind it cannot be changed. Understanding the science of love will give it a definite meaning, inform us why we have love, and it can reshape you.…show more content…
Instead of having a mish-mash of things you believe love indicates you have a specific understanding to what it means. It is now certain that there are specific elements that go into feeling the way one does. As Barbara Fredrickson states in her story, “three biological characters: your brain; one particular hormone, oxytocin, which circulates throughout your brain and body; and your vagus nerve,”(109), in her text she informs the reader that there are three key components to love. Without these elements the feeling love would not be possible. She then continues the rest of her story explaining what role each element has. She backs up all of her information with researches and studies done on the specific organ, chemical, and body part. Having all of this data and material gives us a better understanding of how love works. We can now look at our bodies and give love a meaning instead of saying it is just an emotion one feels. It is now possible to say that it is a connection between two brains synced up as one that have a mutual
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