The Meaning Of A Woman

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Name: Course: Date: The Meaning of a “Woman” in the Nineteenth Century Women are part of our society and their tremendous performance is not less to those of men. They are competitive and superb in diverse areas, even beyond men in some situations. They constitute half of the world’s populace. Gender inequity subsists in many countries globally. Discriminating and preventing almost half of the world’s population from attaining its complete potential is an economic irrationality. Denying girls and women equality makes them endure, as well as obstruct development of whatever is left of society. In order to ensure we develop society as a whole, it is important to cultivate gender egalitarianism throughout all areas of our civilization. In Shelley’s era, women were intelligent; however, society expected them to be submissive, often portrayed as victims of their own nature without power to protect themselves. Society treated women as second class citizens. Women were considered unable to accord care to themselves. Shelley’s culture demanded that women wear their learning with modesty and grace. This fact is clearly brought out in Shelley’s work in which she emerges and speaks out against the culture of subjugating women. In the Victorian age, the girl child and women in general had to contend with being sidelined. In this era, educating women was not given importance. The society in Mary Shelley’s era was male dominated. This dominance defined family and society in general (Knudsen, 19). During Shelley’s era, educating women was not given importance. Women’s domesticity was rampant. Shelley and other women’s role in the society restrained their ability to grow and nurture careers. The Author’s society considered women to be weak, ... ... middle of paper ... ...n she developed while giving birth to her. The essay On women by Arthur Schopenhauer (1851), although controversial, echos Shelley’s sentiments and talks about women being delicate beings who need to be handled with care. The author implores one to take a critical look at a woman and what one sees is a being that should not be subjected to any form of “great labor” be it “of the mind or the body” (Cernovich, N.p.). Women pay life’s debts through the suffering they undergo and the pain that comes with childbearing. The spark that defines her existence ought to be more delicate, quiet and trifling than man 's, without being basically more content or unhappier. Therefore, I intend to achieve a different perception of women in our society. They should no longer be considered inferior or discriminated upon, but should be given a similar competition platform with men.
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