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Final Research Paper: The Rise and Fall of the Mayan Civilization Jamil Davis HISU 360: Professor Bingley Brandman University December 17, 2017 Abstract This paper explores information gather from several articles that report on the Mayan Civilization throughout the years of their rise, their conquering, and their fall, as well as their interactions with other civilizations, specifically the Spanish. The Mayan civilization dates back before the 16th century, before they were conquered by the Spanish Conquistadors and the civilization diminished. During their reign, the Maya civilization thrived in what is now parts of Southern Mexico and Central America. However, their supremacy was struck down when the Spanish and their beliefs …show more content…

Unfortunately, the Mayans became the target of Spanish conquistadors, which ultimately led to their demise. The initial encounter between the two empires however, was not adverse. On the contrary, the Mayan people had already encountered the Spanish, and were technically already under Spanish rule since about 1530. When the Spanish began to spread for conquest, they encountered Mayans temples and empires. Although they had previously encountered one another, the Mayas were welcoming. They offered gifts such as jade, which was valued more than gold to them. While the Spanish were oblivious to the Mayas peaceful intentions, the Spanish viewed these indigenous people as barbaric and in need of ethnic cleansing. Everything about the Mayas was foreign to the Spaniards; from the human sacrifices, to their astrological knowledge and even the way their people were buried. The Mayans traditionally cremated their deceased, since they believed the smoke from their burning bodies helped them reach the heavens. The Spanish, on the other hand saw human sacrifice as ferocious and barbaric, and typically buried their dead underground. The differences between the two were used as fuel and the Spanish seized the opportunity to push their own religious beliefs down their throats and ultimately conquer

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the mayan civilization's rise, conquering, and fall, as well as their interactions with other civilizations, specifically the spanish.
  • Explains that the mayan civilization reached its peak beginning around 300 a.d. and had a multitude of small empires and kingdoms throughout the region.
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