The Maturity of Telemachus

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Prince Telemachus of Ithaca was living in a world of greed and disrespect during his father's twenty-year hiatus. His father, King Odysseus, had set off to fight along with fellow Greeks in the Trojan War. After the war, all the Greeks who did not perish during the battles had made it back to their homelands, with the exception of Odysseus. During this time suitors had taken over Odysseus' palace and were courting his wife. It was time for Telemachus to take action against the crude suitors and become a mature adult. In "The Odyssey" by Homer, a young prince sets off to learn news about his father. At the same time Telemachus meets influential people who introduce him to a whole new world, which propels him to become a mature and respected individual. As the bards sang, and the guests talked amongst one another, Telemachus watched his house get destroyed by the brazen suitors. Telemachus takes no initiative to rid the suitors of Odysseus' palace. He grieves his father is dead and that there is no one to remove the suitors. As Telemachus was sulking about his father, Athena appeared in disguise as Mentor. She approached Telemachus and urged him to drive the suitors from his house. Mentor and Telemachus devised a plan to repulse the suitors. First, Telemachus was to order an assembly where he would give orders to the suitors. Then he was to go to Pylos and Sparta to learn if his father was still alive. After getting acquainted with Mentor, Telemachus followed her orders told and the suitors: first light we all march forth to assembly, take our seats so I can give my orders and say to you straight out: You must leave my palace! (I. 427-430) He also told the suitors he hop... ... middle of paper ... ...s and decided to hang them instead of following his father's orders. He was not being disobedient by any means, but rather thought being hung would be a better suited punishment for their crimes. The reason Telemachus chose a more brutal punishment is because he witnessed the behavior of these maids and thought killing them with his sword was not harsh enough. This is another step in the maturity of Telemachus. He is able to make decision on his own which is a quality required in becoming a leader. At the beginning or the story Telemachus was naive and sheltered from the outside world. From his experiences at Pylos and Sparta a hero was born. Telemachus gained insight on the way a Greek nation should be governed as well as maturing as a person. The morals and values Telemachus gained will make him a better monarch when it is his turn to take the throne.
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