The Maturation of War

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War, a seemingly inevitable occurrence in history, has shaped the world around us and is continuing shape it now in the present. War is defined by Merriam-Webster as a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations. Many times these conflicts last many months and sometimes years. Whether it was/is a long conflict there are several factors that could determine the outcome of wars and some of those factors might not be tangible. Some might say that most conflicts are won by bare bone grit, guts and glory; some might say that it was the overwhelming military might; while others might say that it was a strategic advantage or disadvantage. In this dissertation I will take simple look at some historical wars and battles and address the following questions:

1. What was the cause of the war?

2. What were the effects or aftermath of the war?

3. Did the bigger more wealthy state win the war?

4. What was the key method used to obtain victory?

The American Revolution

The American Revolution was an open conflict between the Colonial Americans and England. England had run up a tremendous bill in the Seven-Years War (1756-1763), where a large amount of the conflict was held in North America. England felt that the colonists did not play a large enough role in the conflict whether it was financially or in physical fighting. This was a problem due to the fact that England’s army in North America was consuming about 4% of British governmental spending. This caused England to take a great interest in the colonies, thus placing taxes on the colonists for imported goods received (Rickard, 2003). After the Battle of Bunker Hill where although England won, their victory was not as decisive as they ...

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