The Matthew Effect Of Nelson Mandela

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Many of us look at successful people and admire or look up to them, but we never really look into what it took to succeed. The Matthew effect teaches us that there are many attributions to one’s success. Similar to the lawyer referenced in Outliers Joe Flom, who grew up in great depression but, used education as an escape route. Mandela grew up in an era called apartheid which limited black South Africans from enjoying basic human rights. He had a poor household, but he did well in school and took advantage of the opportunities given to him. Nelson Mandela became a successful politician, leader and a legend to many, as a result of the 10,000 plus hours he spent working while he was incarcerated. Upon his release, Nelson worked on only four hours of sleep a day. On July 18th, 1918, a legend was born. What is a legend? I define a legend as an admirable person, who has a positive influence. Legends die, but their legacies live on. Nelson’s article, “Nelson Mandela’s two bodies”, best describes this. It explains how South Africa found such security in the role he played as a leader. On December 5th, 2013, Nelson Mandela’s physical body died, but what lived on was liberation, freedom and equality among all races, all of which still stand today. That’s what makes him a legend. It was interesting learning the truth about the origin of his name. Mandela notes that, ”The name Nelson is a Christian name given to me on the first day of school. My birth name that was given to him by his father was Rolihlahla. Which means “ pulling the branch of a tree” but its colloquial meaning would be “trouble maker”(Mandela 20). Thank God for the teacher who gave him the name Nelson, for she ridded us of a trouble maker. To be honest Nelson did... ... middle of paper ... ...t South Africa like a child and molded it, loved it and guided us into a successful path like a father would. If someone hurt you, threatened you and incarcerated you for 27 years how would you feel? I personally would resent it and find it hard to forget or forgive. The white government did this to Nelson, and he still loved them and only wanted liberation to show them that black people and other races are all equal. Today South Africa is known as a rainbow nation, because of diversity and equality he liberated for us. A parent is the only person who has that kind of love, and that 's why I call him the father of South Africa. He did what a parent would do for a child by, risking everything he had for a better country. He succeeded because of the time and work he put in. I’m proud of who I and where I am from, for I was born under Mandela’s leadership.

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