The Mastermind Techniques Behind Persuasion

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The Mastermind Techniques Behind Persuasion In his novel 1984, George Orwell has created a dystopian society in which the totalitarian government that rules Oceania has basically stripped its citizens of everything that makes them truly human. The government, headed by the mysterious Big Brother, has made it practically impossible for the inhabitants of their country to have any personal interaction with one another, or to even have any private thoughts. Using this narrative, Orwell expertly articulates a warning to those reading his novel, urging them to reduce governmental control in order to avoid the decrepit society he has described. Therefore, through 1984, it is obvious that Orwell has applied several tactics in order to convey his message that individuals must be aware of their government and its corruptions before it is too late to act. Through the novel, Orwell skillfully uses emotional appeals in order to sway the viewpoint of his audience. He makes it extremely apparent just how corrupt the government, also known as The Party, is. He explains how “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” (Orwell 2) is plastered on every visible wall; no citizen of Oceania is ever alone. Orwell works to highlight the fact that no citizen of Oceania has any freedom due to the Thought Police who are constantly monitoring the thoughts, actions, and demeanor of each citizen. Along with this the citizens of Oceania are practically brainwashed, deprived from all forms of joy, allowed no privacy, no personal connections, no friends, and no humanity whatsoever. Just thinking of a society in which no human is allowed to be any different is enough to sway readers to Orwell 's views on government monitoring and reduction. In order for Orwell to express his ... ... middle of paper ... ...try of Truth to the large posters of Big Brother which were “so contrived that the eyes follow you about when you move” (2). These allusions to both the bible and the past of today 's societies that were ruled by dictatorships and propaganda combine to form a compelling argument for Orwell 's view on government. Through 1984, Orwell works extremely hard in order to convey his point that the society Winston lives in is not too far from our own. He parallels past dictatorships and the use of propaganda that has existed in our society for many years. He employs irony, emotional appeals, and these allusions in order to properly transmit his point that his readers must avoid the society he has imagined. This novel is an allegory for his readers to learn form, and it is a message passed down to future generations. Work Cited Orwell, George. 1984. Signet, 1977.

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