The Mass Culture Critique And Perezhilton.Com

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The past two years has seen the media landscape undergo significant developments. New technology, such as the Internet, has fuelled the emergence of new media forms and schisms within the media industry. Mario Armando Lavandeira’s Hollywood celebrity gossip website,, exploits a new brand of journalism – blogging. There are innumerable media theories which could be used to analyse such a specific example of the media. This essay will explore Mass Culture Critique and its critical relation to by investigating mass communication concepts such as hegemony, aesthetic levels, economic motivation, and passive consumers. Mass society theory emerged in the late nineteenth century when the invention of the printing press threatened political and traditional social institutions. The elitists believed that urban, industrial society created a market of narcotizing, diversional material of the mass media by atomising the individual and leaving “him” physically void (Bauer 1960). Non-traditional, non-elite, mass produced, popular, commercial and homogenised, mass culture was denigrated by the Frankfurt School, a group of scholars who combined Marxist critical theory with hermeneutics (Baran and Davis 2003). The mass media was seen as “inane in content, banal in style, muddy in reasoning, mawkish in sentiment, vulgar, näive, and offensive to men of learning or refinement” (Rosten 1960). Rosten (1960) remarks on the incriminating clichés intellectuals used to characterise mass media: “The mass media lack originality.” This statement assumes that originality is common in every other human endeavour such as science, philosophy or art. The works of artists, authors and creators are subject to their maker’s cult... ... middle of paper ... ...wbiz superbitch. [internet] Available from: Lavandeira Jnr., M.A., 2005-2007. Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton. [internet] News Limited, 2007. Perez Hilton, blogger Hollywood loves to hate. [internet] Available from:,23663,22202136-10388,00.html Mass Culture Theory Microsoft Powerpoint. Available from: [online] [cited 25 August 2007]. Mattson, K., 2003. Mass Culture Revisited. [online] Available from: Powers, W., 2005. The Massless Media. [online] Available from:

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