The Markets In White Goods Industry

In all ındustry, the marketing strategy has an important role of the markets success. Marketing issues involve lots of things such as pricing, advertising, product features, etc. All of them creates a whole which determines the market's quality and position in the industry.
We can choose an industry, evaluate their marketing issues and compare them for be able to understand the competitive analysis. For example, lets choose white goods sector. Regal is one of the best in this industry, whereas the Delongi Bosphorus can be regarded from the one of lowest quality brands. This has many reasons:
Customer& pricing: Regal is a durable brand and this makes that people can buy its products with peace of mind. It also is a reason to increase the customer. People are willing to pay for it because they rely on the products quality. On the other hand, Delongi Bosphorus is a cheaper than Regal. However, their products are poor of quality and this decrease the satisfaction of the customers. So, they lose them in the long term. Another point can be people will buy the high quality products as Regal to their own home but lower as Delongi Bosphorus to apartment.
Regal can increase their products price a little to be able to make more money, because they have loyal customer and their position is stable in the industry. So, they will not lose their customers. Delongi Bosphorus must change many things in their marketiing strategy. They must improve themselves many then they can also increase the price, because now they have low quality products for cheap and when the level of quality increase the price of products increase.
Competitor: It is not able for Delongi Bosphorus to compete with Regal. Regal has high sales, a good positioning, big segment ...

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...rable, have many features and price is not so high. Delongi is not so successful in advertising, because they cannot provide their promises to their customer. It makes that their positioning become bad.
Regal mission statement is 'Love your mind!' and they always emphasize this in their advertisment. However, they are inadequate to show their products features on the advertisement. I think they can turn to emphasize also products features. Delongi's advertisement explain their products features good but they show their products better than the real and it is cheating customer. They should develop their product in order to be able to keep their promise than we can say that they are successful in advertising.

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