The Marketing Mix

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The marketing mix, which consists of price, product, place and promotion are essential tools that play a vital role in determining the fate of a business. The right marketing mix could mean profit and an unbalanced marketing mix could be the reason behind a business’s downfall. A simple search on “Bopal” takes us to the Bhopal gas tragedy that killed several thousands of people in India and left thousands of others disabled. There may be many others who are still suffering from aftermath of that disaster. Before launching a new product on the global market it is every company’s responsibility to do a research. A clean research objective will help ensure that the company has the right information in order to launch its product, in the right place. The case study provides us with the product and place. Q: What are we offering? A: Insecticide named “Bopal” Q: The target market/potential customers? A: Customers located in India A research study should have been conducted based on these key terms. This will address any key problems that the business could face and provide solutions and recommendations in order to avoid potential loss. A primary research such as surveys, interviews, focus groups would have helped to specifically collect data that were required for Umberto’s insecticide prior to its launch. This will be reliable, qualitative and directly related to the product also focusing on the name of the product. As this product was to be launched in India, any disturbances with the name would have been mentioned in the... ... middle of paper ... ...uages spoken in India. Include sincere and heartfelt thoughts about the disaster in relation to their culture and Umberto’s thoughts of the issue. Identify the pain and suffering that the locals would want to hear about. Reach out to the community, charity organizations and political parties and ask for their assistance in sorting out the issue that would help detangle misunderstanding and release the company of the negative publicity. Some of the products could have been given away for free to those who were affected in the Bopal incident and who are currently in the farming business. This process can be done after they have announced a different name for the product. They could come up with different names and have the local people to vote for the best name. This would be of benefit to the business as well as rectify to some extend the level of negative publicity.

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