The Many Causes of the American Revolution

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There were many causes that brought on the start of the American Revolution. A great deal of the civil unrest was brought on by the acts that followed the end of the French and Indian War. At the end of the war, most of which was fought on American soil, England had incurred a dept almost double that of when William Pitt took office. Because the war was fought for the colonists, much of England believed that that they should be the ones to recoup the great financial loss that England had suffered. The colonists disagreed, as they saw it the French and Indian War served to strengthen England’s hold in the colonies, and as British subjects they should not be held accountable, while those in Britain paid nothing.

The first attempt for Britain to recoup their monetary losses came in the form The Revenue Act of 1764, or the Sugar Act, The Sugar Act gave troops the power to act as customs officials and board ships suspected of smuggling and allowed them to seize suspicious cargo. Smugglers caught without paperwork would be prosecuted in a harsh courtroom. Greenville, had hoped that this act would reform smugglers and generate a good income for England. However, this only annoyed American Shippers and enticed smugglers.

The next big attempt that Britain put forth was the Stamp Act. The stamp Act was the preface for the first major conflict between Britain and the colonies. The stamp act was something new, a tax precipitated simply to raise money. The Stamp Act said that variou...
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