The Many Causes Of Depression: What Is Depression?

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What is Depression? What is depression? Depression is the feelings of gloominess, sadness, dejection, being alone in the world, hopelessness, worthlessness, etc. Originally this was called Melancholia. First thing I going to talk about is the many causes of depression. First off there is abuse, which can range anywhere from emotional, mental, to physical. If someone is abused in any way it can make them feel worthless or make them feel like the deserve the abuse cause they view themselves as failures, which isn’t ever really the case. Second there’s serious illnesses that can cause depression. For example cancer, autism, asthma, diabetes, and epilepsy. There are millions of people in the world who have “regular” to life threatening illnesses. They are the poster children of depression due to the fact it delays their mobility, the cant do things normal people can do, they have to take a substantial amount of medication, and so many more reasons. All these setbacks depresses them and makes them feel like a lower human being who always needs taken care of. Third there’s death and loss that can cause depression. If someone loses someone very close to them (whether it has to do with death or just a permanent…show more content…
Some symptoms are Feeling of guilt, hopelessness, worthlessness, pessimism, and/or Irritability. There’s also having difficulty concentrating, making decisions, remembering details, sleeping, having become uninterested in hobbies and activities. Overeating, major appetite loss, sad/empty feelings, anxiety, fatigue, decrease energy, and thoughts/actions of suicide are also a symptom. The third thing I’m going to mention is how there is many different types of depression. The types of depression are Major depression, Chronic depression, Bipolar depression, Seasonal depression, Postpartum depression, and substance induces mood disorder (SIMD). History of
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