The Many Benefits of Exercise

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Today in the United States roughly 155 million people are overweight or obese. The reason for this outrageous number is largely instigated from the lack of education about health and exercise. Exercise has a wide variety of positive effects on the body and mind that can be categorized into three main parts. Part one describes psychological benefits, including the influences exercise has on the mind and its functions, as well as the behavioral changes it presents. Part two explains the physical qualities that exercise can enhance. This effect incorporates the body as apposed to the mind. Exercise affects your overall body appearance and somatic health. Part three indicates the change it presents in your social life, this is the most unknown of the effects. Fitness can be the best type of holistic medication available to all persons. Knowing the psychological, physical, and social benefits of exercise can help a person implement more beneficial choices to create an overall healthier lifestyle.

Psychological Effects

It is uncommon for people to comprehend knowledge about the psychological benefits of exercise and physical fitness. However, the positives derived from it can impact the body to the same extent as the physical effects. The mental benefits range from things such as endorphin release, an active antidepressant and a positive way to fight anxiety. Exercise isn’t something most people want to do when they have anxiety or symptoms of depression, but research supports its ability to help you relax and feel better. These positive effects alone can provide enough reason to exercise.

Roughly five minutes after moderate physical activity many people start to feel a mood enhancement. This enhancement...

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... also the brain. The article is also backed up by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention who enlighten us on the right amount of activity that needs to be completed to see an affect on you over health, but more specifically, your mental health.

This article uses specific researches done in past years as support for their conclusions. These articles include Psychosomatic Medicine – 2007 & 2010 Depression and Anxiety – 2008. They also branch off and discuss the book “Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being” which was written by various doctors who aided in the research for this article.

I used the specific facts and data from these studies in my paper to support my main idea that exercise offers major psychological benefits, as well as the details of the studies to prove their credibility.

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