The Manhattan Project

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The Manhattan Project, which was code name for the design and building of the atomic bomb, has impacted the world in various ways but specifically in New Mexico. Furthermore, The Manhattan Project still continues to impact New Mexico to this day. Due to: helping the United States of America win World War II, many technological advances, and providing numerous jobs, The Manhattan Project has proven to be a complete success in New Mexico and for the United States of America.
One of the most significant attributes to The Manhattan Project was to keep any work they did in secrecy. Santa Fe Residents, that were 35 miles away, had absolutely no idea what was happening in the New Mexico dessert. Actually, the population who dwelled at Site Y did not know what their own neighbors were creating. But one thing that everyone knew for certain was that their work was very strategic for winning the war (Reith, 2013). Inhabitants did not bother to ask either, about what was going on. In order to win the war neither the Germans nor the Japanese could find out about the project. Roosevelt and Churchill agreed that Stalin could also not find out about anything. Consequently, there was no public awareness or debate. Though keeping 120,000 people silent about the project would be impossible; as a result only a compact privileged inner scientists and officials knew about the atomic bomb’s progress. Even the Vice-President Truman never heard of the Manhattan Project until he became the President (The Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia, 2008). Clearly if anyone found out about the project, winning the war would have been in jeopardy because other countries such as Germany and Great Britain were also thinking or actually working on creating a...

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