The Manhattan Project

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The Manhattan Project was a very important event throughout the World War II history. It began the development of the atomic bomb and other nuclear weapons that were of good help during the war. It first began with a German scientist separating the uranium atom, which made people be scared of what Hitler might be capable of. Also Hitler and his people had begun discovering new types of weapons that were useful for them in the war. Something that apparently Hitler did not quite think about, was the persecution of Jewish scientists such as Albert Einstein, who could very well use his abilities against Hitler.
Albert Einstein was a Jewish refugee in the United States. Another very important scientist, although not Jewish, was Enrico Fermi, who had escaped Italy’s fascism and moved to the United States. These two really smart men knew what Hitler was up to with the atomic bomb. Since they both knew about Hitler and his new developments, Fermi and Einstein made sure that Roosevelt knew that Hitler and the others forming the Axis powers, had many nuclear and atomic weapons in hand that c...
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