The Management Of The Digital And Technology Function

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There are risks to delivering the strategies, changes initiatives by supporting change, such as the growing internal transformation of the Digital and Technology function, and hence there is a need to properly understand and to be managed to deliver long-term growth for the benefit of all stakeholders alongside management of business. It is the work of the operations management to ensure that the final product stand out in the market, as a better option among many. One thing for instance, is ensuring that the product is made through green processes, and that it is of high value, such as the fish; by promoting lesser-known species of fish such as sustainably-caught coley and responsibly-sourced river cobbler, giving customers greater variety and choice. This positioning of products will come in the form of differentiation, where a company like Sainsbury’s sells the same product as their competitors, but makes it look different to attract more consumers. This will ensure more unique product details, and better prices, making it possible for the retailers to make more profits. This year, Sainsburys Love your Freezer campaign inspired customers with practical advice on minimising waste and saving money, to make their lives easier. Moreover, good relations becomes a priority with talented colleagues and investing in their training and development is essential to the efficiency and sustainability of the group’s operations. Efficiency ratio is used for assessing the extent to how well assets are being managed. Inventories turnover period represents the average period of inventories are being held. Since maintaining inventories require higher cost, therefore it is advisable for businesses to have shorter inventories turnover period. Sains... ... middle of paper ... ...f course aimed at not only stimulating new sales among existing clients, but also attracting an additional customer base. Sainsbury offers similar advantages to their customers giving them the required product range to ensure satisfaction among different classes of individuals by gathering intelligence on which products to develop and offer to the market. Overall, with these strategies present fulfilling the needs of stakeholders at an economic, political and social level which accounts to being a sustainable business by seeing growth for the future in the log-term and this is what shareholders and investors wants: even though Sainsbury’s have not been doing well in profit making, growth have been seen in other sectors that competitors do not have a hold of yet, therefore Sainsbury’s respectively are doing immensely well providing they hold 2nd place in market share.

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